Get HTTP Headers

HTTP headers are a way for a server to communicate additional information about a request or response to a client, such as the browser. They are typically used to transmit information about the request or response, such as the type of content being returned, the encoding of the content, and other meta-information. To get the HTTP headers of a webpage, you can use a tool called "curl" in command line interface.

You can use the command:

curl -I [URL]

Where [URL] is the address of the webpage you want to get the headers for. This will return the headers of the HTTP response.

You can also use browser developer tools to see the headers, in most of the browser you can use the F12 key to open the developer tools, then navigate to Network tab and select the webpage you are interested in and you will see the headers in the headers tab.

Additionally, there are also online tools available like which you can use to check the headers of a webpage by providing the URL of the webpage.

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