How to make $3000 per month from working online with Google

Learn how to make money easily from your home with Google

AdSense arbitrage refers to the practice of generating revenue through the use of Google AdSense by purchasing cheap traffic to a website and then displaying high-paying AdSense ads on that site. This strategy involves buying ads on other platforms, such as Facebook or Google Ads, to drive traffic to a website, where the site owner displays AdSense ads to earn money from clicks.

Strategy example 

Let's use the same scenario as before where you purchase 10,000 visitors from Facebook at a cost of $0.01 per visitor, which would cost you a total of $100. However, this time, we'll assume that every 1,000 visitors you get 70 clicks on the AdSense ads on your website.

So with 10,000 visitors, you can expect to get around 700 clicks on your AdSense ads. At $1 per click, that would be $700 in AdSense revenue.

If you spent $100 to purchase the 10,000 visitors from Facebook, then your profit would be $600 ($700 AdSense revenue - $100 cost of Facebook visitors).

The Good News 

We have ways to double the percentage of people on ads, knowing that you can earn more than $ 200 per day depending on the percentage of your spending on your ad

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How to profit from the Internet is a question that comes to the mind of many, especially how to profit from Google Adsense, and in this article I will explain to you in detail everything related to profit from Google adsense .

This will serve as an introduction to the comprehensive course in which I will discuss the method of creating a website until acceptance in Google Adsense and obtaining your first income from this giant company

What is Google Adsense? :

AdSense is a subsidiary of Google and is specialized in displaying ads on the sites of people registered and accepted by it and who have met the necessary conditions in AdSense .

Another example of simplification (Google Adsense is an intermediary between {the advertiser, who is either an institution, company, or store that has a product he wants to promote} and {website owners, whether blogs, forums, or any other sites frequented by visitors}

In other words , Google Adsense places company ads on your site, and therefore Google takes money from the owner of the company in order to display his product on your site so that your visitors can see it within the published articles or content, and Google gives you a percentage of that money as profits and is subject to certain conditions that we will show later because the percentage of profit varies according to the circumstances specific.

How can I earn from Google Adsense:

To profit from Google Adsense, there are two ways in front of you, and it remains to choose the appropriate method for you according to what you see easier and you can be creative in it

  • By owning a YouTube channel and posting videos on a regular basis to bring the largest number of visitors to your videos, provided that these videos are not stolen, otherwise your channel will be closed directly

You will find more details in this article,  how to profit from Google Adsense through a YouTube channel 2023

After you fulfill the conditions required to accept your channel in the Google Adsense program, which is (4000 watch hours and more than 1000 channel subscribers), Google places ads on your videos that visitors see, Google pays you for views and clicks, meaning anyone who watches the ad in your videos or clicks on it You will get profits for that

  •  By creating a blog such as the free Blogger   or  the paid WordPress blog  or any website so that if your site has visitors and articles, Google will accept it and give you (an advertising code {JavaScript code} that you put on your site and thus ads will be displayed on your site automatically

In this link, you will know the types of sites that generate the highest income that Google recommends

Google pays you for views and clicks as well, and the percentage of profits for clicks is the most expensive, which brings more profits and is affected by factors that we will mention later

How much will my earnings be for 1000 visitors? :

Well, to answer this question, we must understand a set of specific points, the first of which is that the number of visitors is not responsible for the volume of profits on your site or on your channel.

Here are a number of data that control the size of the profits, we mention them

  •  The country from which the visitors came: For example, if you have two sites, the first in Arabic and the second in English, and you have a thousand Algerian visitors on the Arabic site, here the price of 1000 ad views will not usually exceed 2 dollars, and the cost of a click will be between 0.01 and 0.03 at most.

While on the English site you will have visitors from Europe, let us assume Germany, on average, the price of a thousand views of the advertisement will be between 10 dollars to 50 dollars, and the price of a click will be 0.20 and up to 5 dollars, and sometimes more if the content of the site contains articles such as insurance, stock exchanges, trading, profit from the Internet, and others Dear Tags

  • Website content: As we mentioned, each domain differs from another domain in terms of the price of views and the cost of a click on the advertisement, as an example

If your site talks about insurances, the ads that will appear to visitors on your site will mostly be about insurances, because Google Adsense displays ads similar to the content of your site

But if you talk about cooking, the matter is the same, but the difference is that if you talk about insurance, lawyers, or travel, the cost of viewing and clicking will be high.

At the same time, if you are talking about cats, dogs, or cooking, the cost per click and views will be low, and this is due to the fact that the cost of securing a house or car will, in fact, be at a high price. Either the cost of food for a cat or a dog will be cheap, and so on.

What are the conditions for accepting my site and profit from Google Adsense:

Because we will focus on profit from Google Adsense through the website, we must focus on the basic conditions that make our site reliable with Google Adsense and be accepted quickly and easily.

  • First of all, the content of your site must not be copied from other sites, meaning that everything on your site is created and written by you, so that your site does not violate Google Adsense policy.
  • Secondly, that your content or articles come to you with visitors from Google or Facebook, and this is also one of the basic conditions for your site to be accepted in Google adsense
  • Thirdly, the design of the site is research. It likes to be a professional site that is easy to browse and fast, and the speed factor greatly affects the psyche of the visitor so that it stays longer on your site. Likewise, the fast site gives it priority to appear on the first pages of the search results and thus more visitors.
  • Fourth, provide privacy and usage pages, and for your information, if these pages are not present on your site, your request to join Google Adsense will be rejected directly.

There are four privacy pages, which are the privacy policy page, the usage policy page , the site page , and the contact us page. I have put links to the privacy pages of my site so that you have an idea

Now we come to the reasons for which your site is rejected

  • Copied and stolen content,
    lack of sufficient articles on your site,
    lack of visitors on your site
    , and finally the violation of Google Adsense policy, which is represented in:
  1. Pornography / adult content only
  2. Pirated content
  3. Hacking tutorials and ideas from the Internet
  4. Drugs/Illegal Paraphernalia
  5. Any other illegal things

What do we need to profit from Google Adsense

  1. First you need a website wordprees
  2. Number of articles between 10 and 20 articles 
  3. Google Adsense account

You can shorten all this and buy an acceptable site on Google Adsense and start earning directly There are people who provide this service on the site .. For $50 to $100


How to make money from your site through Google Ads

After you get an acceptable site in Adsense you choose a specific field of writing in provided that the articles are attractive

The best niches to achieve great profits from the field of Adsense Arbitrage
I personally worked on many areas and niches to try the best in terms of financial return, and I found that the best areas to achieve profits now, which work easily with Veral's articles:

  • Viral news & Stories
  • Celebrity News
  • Travel
  • Humor
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Pets & Animals
  • Health and Fitness
  • Cars

How to create a site for profit from AdSense arbitrage 
Creating a strong and good site is the most important secret in your success in any profit campaign from Google Adsense, and here I will review the most important steps to build a strong site and how to design a site that has reached profits that exceeded 340 per day.

Domain & Hosting

To build an integrated WordPress site, you need good hosting and a domain, there are many distinguished hosting companies, my dear brother, and by virtue of my great dealings with most of them, I offer you the best hosting companies and offers from my point of view.


You can choose the annual plan and get a free domain with the coupon SUPER2020 for less than $ 50


One of the fastest hosting I have tried and its price is special, starting from only 0.89 cents, and also use the coupon ALARBE7 to reduce the price


They say it's the best for every WordPress user and I've tried it and it's excellent.


Of course, these are not the only hosts that can be used, but here I took into account two factors, namely price and quality.
The only important thing that I am wary of is the namecheap company because you or what you answer a good number of visitors fall and about the experience of my brothers.

The template used in the ferral sites

To build your site, especially a profitable site to work on Adsense Arbitrage, the Bamber template is undoubtedly the best, speed, beauty, consistency and very excellent for Alveral sites by allowing interaction with posts and comments via Facebook and other wonderful features.

The most important plugins for WordPress

There are many plagens that must be used when working by this method, and the most important plagens

Ad Inserter

This plugin helps you easily add Google Adsense ads to your article, in the place you see fit, which will make it easier for you to choose the right place for advertising when doing the test process.

Theia Post Slider

An important addition to all the articles of Veral, as it allows you to divide your article into parts with ease, thus helping you to raise the percentage of visibility of your ads in Google Adsense and increase your profits.

Really Simple SSL

One of the most important plugins for any WordPress site, where it controls visitors in terms of transferring them directly to the safe interface of your site.

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